Your donation will directly support the Fish and Wildlife Service field team and their work to restore and conserve wild red wolves in northeastern North Carolina. Due to budget constraints, the program does not receive enough funds from the Department of Interior to meet all of their needs.

Eighty-five percent (or more) of your donation will go directly to the purchase of equipment and supplies needed by the FWS field team, such as VHF telemetry tracking collars, wolf medicines, or veterinary services for injured or ill red wolves. Fifteen percent (or less) of your donation is used for overhead.


What your dollars will do


How to donate

Friends of the Red Wolf is a partner program of the The WILD Foundation, which is our fiscal agent. Please write a check made out to The WILD Foundation, BUT you must write “Friends of the Red Wolf” in the memo line for the funds to reach us.

Mail your check to:

Friends of the Red Wolf

c/o The WILD Foundation

717 Poplar Avenue

Boulder, CO 80304 USA

Your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Thanks for supporting red wolves!

Field Team’s Equipment Wish List

If the Red Wolf Recovery Program’s Field Team could receive three things, this is what they’d most like to have in 2013:

  1. -(1) Telemetry receiver (cost: $3,000)

  2. -Telemetry collars (as many as they can get, at $250-$350 each)

  3. -Kennels, for transporting wolves for releases ($90 each)

Help make their wishes come true! Make a donation today to help fund these conservation field work needs.